Integrated Rural Technology Centre-IRTC Training Programme to AWWs in Pre-School Education

The state has 33115 Anganwadi centres, spread over 14 districts. Transforming Anganwadi Centres into centres providing quality pre-schooling which follows modern pedagogic practices become more relevant. Educating the workers of AWCs with ECCE is of utmost importance. Towards this the department of Social Justice has initiated discussion on various levels with Integrated Rural Technology Centre (IRTC)- IRTC is a research development & training Centre situated in Palakkad District of Kerala State.


IRTC has developed a comprehensive training Programme on the basis of national ECCE policy for quality transformation of pre-school component of Anganwadis which has the following four related core –components. 1. Comprehensive Anganwadi teacher/worker development programme. 2. Equipping the resource support for comprehensive Anganwadi worker development programme. 3. Training to LSGD members. 4. Community preparedness Programme. The whole exercise is to provide training to all 33115 AWCs in the State so as to enable them to provide quality pre-school education to all children through the AWCs. To undertake this programme an expenditure of Rs.7.4 crore is expected .

Target Group

Mother & Child