Barrier Free Kerala

It is proposed to create Barrier free and disabled friendly environment in all the government / public institutions in Kerala. Presently, the differently abled persons face many problems in accessing government services in our state. As per the disability census 2015, there are more than 2.16 % such persons in our state. The objective of the “Barrier free Kerala” project is to construct ramps, handrails, barrier free lifts, restrooms and toilets special signages in braille and other such infrastructure. This project which was implemented successfully in Kannur district at a cost of rupees 15 crore; and another 15 crores (total) has been given to Malappuram and Wayanad district to implement the project in 2017-18. This can be used to construct barrier free environment like ramps, lifts in more public / government offices / Institutions. Within 3 years, our state shall aim to become the first Barrier Free state in India.

Target Group

Differently Abled