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Kerala being in an advanced stage of demographic transition and health care is called the greying state of India. The state of Kerala, which achieved below replacement level fertility much ahead of other Indian States, has the highest proportion of elderly. People above 60 constitute 13 per cent of the state’s population of 3.34 crore compared to the national figure of 8.2 per cent. Kerala’s elderly are expected to make up 18 – 20 percent of its population in 2026. Married couples opting for fewer number of children and increase in the migration of youth to other countries have increased the woes of elderly in manifold ways. Family, the primary care giving support system, has crumbled away due to the disintegration of joint families. Physical, financial as well as mental abuses against old age group are very often takes place behind closed doors. So policies should therefore aim to build awareness of the different contexts in which abuse can arise and the different forms it can takes place .Every one, especially elders, should be able to recognize abuse, and must be familiar with their rights. Thus various programmes should be implemented for the welfare of Old age Persons.


The activities proposed during the financial year- 2017-18- • Community based programmes for healthy lifestyle including physical activity among older people • Making public offices, utilities and infrastructure age- friendly. • ICT enabled independent living for the older people • Implementing Standards of Care in Old Age Homes. • Effective implementation of Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007 • Care and protection of abandoned senior citizens. • Payment of honorarium for Conciliation Officers of Maintenance Tribunal • To establish dedicated helpline for senior citizens at districts • Sensitizations of officers of various departments and local bodies concerned with the welfare of senior citizens and the duty of the officers towards the latter • To establish older friendly LSG Institutions, Palliative Care Network for the care of fully bed ridden Senior Citizens • Value based education at school level to care the Elder Persons • To start scheme for early intervention for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease etc. • Conducting Vayosangamam. • Conducting yoga, medical camps, music therapy, horticulture therapy, Counselling services and purchase of medicine , accessories, mobility support like high-tech powered bed, wheel chair etc. in Old Age Homes • Ayurvedic Treatment for the inmates of Govt.Oldage Homes- Vayoamrutham Project • Artificial implantation of tooth for Old-age groups-Mandhahasam Project • Establishment of a Commission at state Level. • Establishment of aVayojana Cell for the Old age persons at Directorate level. • Health Insurance package for elder persons • Nutritional support to needy elderly persons through Kudumbasree/Anganwadi. • Awareness campaign to students through colleges/Schools for caring old age people and preventing elder abuse • Providing Aids and appliance to the elderly • Campaign for aged friendly Kerala

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