Programme for mainstreaming persons with disabilities into society

The objective of the scheme is to mainstream the persons with disabilities into society by providing opportunities to them for employment. Rehabilitation, education, vocational training and employment are some of the ways that can enable this group to attain independence and determination. Further, once the person with disabilities get to a point in their life where they feel comfortable with their disability, they really want to help others with disabilities. KSSM, NISH and SID will act as catalyst for the smooth transition of this proposal into practice.


Once the candidates are identified, NISH will conduct an induction or orientation programme to reach them into employment. The scheme will be implemented as state sponsored scheme with the support of the SLGIs. 60% of the scheme cost will have to be met by the state and the remaining 40% will be bet by the concerned LSGIs. Activities /components of this scheme are directly linked with Kerala Perspective Plan 2030. The department of Social Justice is the nodal agency selected for implementation.

Target Group

Differently Abled