Our Responsibility to Children Kerala (ORC)

Children are particularly vulnerable in transitional societies that are undergoing social and economic transformations. Concern about an alarming rise of sense of insecurity, loss of purpose in life, major emotional and psychological problems, socially deviant behavior and crime rate in children have been voiced from many quarters recently.


The project ORC is designed to address the increasing tendency among the youth and adolescents to indulge in deviant behavior. The project ORC is a planned community intervention that connects with children and young people between the age of 12-18 years and to create a multi- collaborative platform for Government agencies and professional agencies, parents and teachers to equip youth with appropriate know-how to face the challenges of the world they live in. The project includes a comprehensive programme with the following: • Sensitization and training programme • Prevention activities • Social rehabilitation of deviant children and • Monitoring and evaluation The proposal is to develop a state level programme with community participation to offer psycho-social and emotional support to children to prevent social deviation and to rehabilitate socially deviant children. This can be materialized with the support of the following stakeholders like police, education, social Justice, LSGD, health etc.The project has alreadybeenimplemented in 93 selected schools and it is proposed to extend the program to 67 schools in the state through Integrated Child Protection Scheme during 2017-18.

Target Group