ENTE KOODU – Shelter Home for the Destitutes

A night shelter for the wandering and pavement dwellers where facilities for stay, food, toiletries and clothing are provided. Unlike the present old age homes or care homes, there will not be cumbersome procedural formalities for admission or release. There will not be any entry or exit barriers for the destitute women and children below 12 years in need of night shelter. There is no compulsion to come and stay here (Studies conducted among the street dwellers show that majority is not mentally ill and they need a shelter, but they do not prefer it at the cost of their freedom). As the shelter home ensures security at night without infringing upon their freedom, they can utilize this facility. By actively involving NGOs and students organizations the destitute can gradually be brought to the mainstream.


By ensuring minimal involvement of the Police department and by providing CCTV surveillance, anti-social elements can be kept at bay. Subsequently, biometric details of all the wandering destitute could be collected and they could be provided with identity cards. This also gives an opportunity for Government to have a data bank of the vagabond destitute. This project is being implemented in Kozhikode district and Administrative sanction has been received for setting up the project in Thiruvanathapuram district and the project is proposed to be implemented in more district during 2017/18.

Target Group