Documentation and Publicity Including Observation of National Days and Weeks

The Social Justice Department is the nodal department in implementing various schemes and social legislations of GOI. There is a general lack of awareness among the general public about the various services rendered by the Department. Hence it is important to create awareness to the public throughprint, audio, visual media , workshop , seminars,etc.The IEC campaign would generate demand for services and eliminate middle men. The department will publish a social justice magazine for show casing best practices, sharing of developmental experience and for providing information on latest approaches and strategies. The department has been observing the following days and weeks of importance. 1. Social Justice Day 2. Mothers Day 3. Breast Feeding Week 4. Nutrition Week 5. Children’s Day 6. Old Age Day 7. International Women’s Day 8. Adolescent Day 9. Probation Day 10. Mother Theresa day 11. World Alzheimer’s Day 12. Dowry Prohibition and anti domestic violence Day 13. Handicapped Day 14. Human Rights Day 15. Nirbhaya day The following activities are alsoproposedto be conducted during 2017-18 • Developing IEC Plan with professional support • Use of visual, print, and audio media for dissemination of programmes and policies • Organise street play, road show, reality show etc. for dissemination of rights- based enactments and policies.

Target Group