Supplementary Nutrition Programme (50% CSS)

Supplementary Nutrition Programme is an important component of ICDS. Under the schematic pattern of ICDS, the States are responsible for providing Supplementary Nutrition. Though the responsibility for providing Supplementary Nutrition lies with the States, from 2005-06 onwards, Government of India provide support to the state at the rate of 50% of the financial norms laid down for various categories of beneficiaries or 50% of the actual expenditure on supplementary nutrition whichever is less.


In Kerala, consequent on the devolution of powers to the local governments , the supervision and control of anganwadicentres and the responsibility for implementing the Supplementary Nutrition Programme have been fully transferred to the Local Self Government Institutions concerned. The Local Self Government Institutions are free to identify the recipe containing the prescribed nutritional and calorific value as per ICDS norms. Governmenthave issued orders to treat expenditure on nutrition as mandatory item of expenditure of Local Self Government Institutions. Accordingly the LSGIs are implementing the Supplementary Nutrition Programme through the 33115 anganwadicentres under the 258 ICDS projects functioning across the state. Since the LSGs are implementing the SNP programme, the 50% central assistance when received needs to be reimbursed to the LSGs. For the continuation of the scheme an amount Rs. 9500lakh is needed for the year 2017-18

Target Group

Mother & Child