Developing Anganwadi Centers as Community Resource Centre

The Scheme aims at holistic development of women and children through behavioural changes of the community and recognition of women as change agents and participants in development as well. For this, anganwadi centres will be developed as community resource centres through demand-led convergence of services,resources,infrastructure and the human power.


The activities proposed are the following:- 1. Purchase of Computer, accessories, furniture in anganwadicentres including Model Anganwadis 2. Purchase of CDs providing fun and knowledge to children 3. Construction and upgradation of Anganwadis 4. State Award for Dist. Collector, ProgrammeOfficer, CDPOs,ICDS Supervisors, &AWW and AWHs 5. Providing facilities for starting day care centres for elderly women 6. Introducing Pre-School education in the local tribal dialect in the Anganwadis in the tribal belt. 7. Establishing AWCs for children withdevelopmental delays 8. Social Audit of AWCs 9. Community Kitchen in tribal areas 10. Award for best AWCs in each district.

Target Group