Snehayanam scheme for mothers of persons with special needs

The task of caring and providing rehabilitation support for persons with autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and multiple disabilities can be stressful and daunting for parents, especially mothers. Such persons with disabilities coming under the purview of National Trust Act 1999 always require special care and attention since they cannot perform their day to day activities without someone else’s assistance. Sometimes taking care of such PwDs can be quite challenging for mothers who are widowed or divorced and have no other source of permanent income.   

The Department of Social Justice has formulated a novel initiative ‘Snehayanam’ which provides electric auto rickshaws free of cost to mothers of persons with disabilities who suffer financially. This scheme would provide a means of livelihood for such beneficiaries.

Eligibility Criteria:-

(1) Mothers of PwDs covered under the National Trust Act (NTA) will be eligible to apply under this scheme.

(2) Applicants must belong to BPL category and do not have a source of steady income.

(3) Widowed/legally divorced/ wives abandoned by husbands are eligible to apply under this scheme.

(4) Beneficiaries must possess a valid 3 wheeler license.

(5) The age limit of applicant has to be 55 years or below.

(6) The tax and insurance for the vehicles will have to be borne by the beneficiary.

(7) The vehicle must be registered solely in the name of the beneficiary and the vehicle ownership cannot be transferred or sold.

Supporting Documents:-

(a) Copy of Ration card.

(b) Copy of Aadhar/ Proof of Identity of applicant.

(c) Declaration from Village Officer/ Valid document proving that the applicant is widowed/legally divorced/ wife abandoned by husband

(d) Copy of 3 wheeler licence

(e) Copy of Medical Board certificate of PwD.


The duly filled application form along with supporting documents has to be submitted through District Social Justice Officers concerned. During the initial phase of the scheme 2 beneficiaries from each district will be selected for this scheme.

Target Group

Differently Abled
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GOs Snehayanam scheme for mothers of kids with special needs
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