Thanalidam Probation home

As per section 20 (1) of the Kerala Probation of Offenders Rules, 1960, it is mandatorily required to operate institutions or homes which ensure a temporary place of residence for those offenders who are eligible for probation, parole, premature release and bail, if they do not have a fixed place of abode. Once the prisoners are released into the community they often face many hardships and will stigmatized as an ex-offender. Due to this, many family members are not ready to accept them and it is a major cause of hindrance to successful community reintegration.

As a ray of hope for such target population, Social Justice Department has devised a novel initiative known as “Thanalidam” Probation Home. The first such home for men has been started at Valakom, Kollam district in collaboration with an NGO.

Admission criteria:-

(1) Admission will be given to Probationers, Ex-convicts, Under Trial prisoners, Parolees and persons released on bail who do not have a place of residence of their own.

(2) Temporary shelter will be provided to persons between age group 18 - 70. Those persons who are mentally ill and bed-ridden won’t be given admission.

(3) Shelter will be given to prisoners who are released on leave/parole based on recommendation from Probation Officer and letter from Jail Superintendent. There are three types of leave-(a) Ordinary Leave (b) Emergency Leave (c) Home Leave (for Open Prison inmates only).

(4) Admission will be granted by Manager of Thanalidam Probation home based on consent letter from Probation Officers and Jail Superintendents.

Contact Address

Sl No. Name of Institution Address Phone number
1. Thanalidam Probation Home (Men) Valakom, Kottarakkara, Kollam district, Pincode -691532 9605076000, 9605046000

Target Group

Social Defence
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