Prathyasha scheme for repatriation of other state residents in PRCs

Social Justice Department working with the concept of welfare state has ensured solace and hope to the marginalised groups and also provide justice to the victimized. The social welfare schemes of the State implemented through the Social Justice Department continues to make a difference in the society. There are 31 Government run welfare institutions functioning under the department. Moreover there are almost 239 psycho-social rehabilitation centres (PRCs) run by NGOs functioning under the supervision and control of Orphanage Control Board in Kerala. 

These centres accommodate marginalized groups like Senior Citizens, Destitute, Persons with disabilities, mentally challenged persons, orphans, who are in dire need of care and protection. These institutions also house other State residents falling under the same target group. It is the sole responsibility of the department to provide rehabilitation, repatriation and reintegration to their own family. The process of repatriation is currently implemented through voluntary organizations, voluntary social workers and Institution Superintendents who are willing to help such needy persons. Lack of a strategic action plan and follow-up activities are the main areas of concern.

            As a novel initiative, the Department of Social Justice has formulated a scheme called ‘Prathyasha’. During the initial phase of the Prathyasha scheme, 100 persons who are residing in PRCs and welfare institutions would be handpicked and repatriated back to their native. An amount of Rs. 29,29,500/- has been fixed for repatriation of 100 persons.

Implementation strategy

(a) The list of other state residents in PRCs will be sorted regional wise and handed over to the NGOs.

(b) For repatriation of the other state resident, the exact location will be traced out with the help of language interpreter and NGO social worker. After identifying the exact native district, the NGO/Social worker will contact the concerned Probation Officer and initiate the repatriation process.

(c) The other state residents will either be repatriated back to their family or will be accommodated in a Government/NGO run welfare institution in their native district, only after acceptance of consent form.

(d) A district level committee chaired by District Collector will give initial sanction for repatriation procedure which will be subjected to approval from State level committee.

(e) After the final approval, the NGO can initiate the repatriation procedure.

District level monitoring committee


Designated Officer



District Collector



District Social Justice Officer



District Probation Officer



Institution Superintendent



DLSA delegate



Health Dept. personnel



Police personnel



Selected NGO representative



District level delegate from OCB



Railway personnel



State level monitoring committee

(1) Director of Social Justice.

(2) Member Secretary, Orphanage Control Board.

(3) Police Personnel.

(4) Psychiatrist.

Target Group

Differently Abled
Beneficiary Details


GOs Prathyasha scheme for repatriation of other state residents in PRCs
SOP/Protocol Prathyasha scheme- Standard Operating Procedure