Benefits to Anganwadi Workers and Helpers through Welfare Fund

As per GO (MS) No. 523/2016/SJD dated 11-11-2016 the Government of Kerala introduced a welfare fund with the contribution of Rs 200/- from Anganwadi workers and Rs.100/- from Anganwadi helpers. The Government of Kerala contributes an equal amount.

The welfare fund is functioning under a Chief Executive Officer attached to the Directorate of Social Justice, and an accountant attached to all District Social Justice Officers. District Social Justice Officer is the district level inspecting officer.

The benefits provided include employment to dependents of employees dying in harness, regularisation of temporary hands if they put in more than two years of service, maternity and abortion leave, loans for education, treatment, marriage, house construction, and educational award.

Membership : All permanent Anganwadi Workers and Helpers are members of this welfare fund.

Contribution to the fund
Contribution of Anganwadi Worker:        Rs. 200 per month
Contribution of Anganwadi Helper:         Rs. 100 per month

Govt. contribution is of an equal amount.

Benefits from the Welfare Fund

Marriage assistance (advance) for the marriage of worker/Helper or their daughter

upto Rs. 2000/-

Medical aid (for treatment of cancer, T.B, Leprosy, Heart diseases & Kidney transplantation and major Operations)

upto Rs.10,000/-

House building advance

upto a total of 30 months honorarium

Educational loan for the education of children

up to Rs.1000

Death compensation

@ Rs.10,000/-


@ Rs.1000/- per month to Anganwadi Worker 
@ Rs.600/- per month to Anganwadi Helper

Educational Award to children of  Anganwadi Workers/Helpers

Rs.500/- 1st prize
Rs.300/- 2nd prize
Rs.200/- 3rd prize

Retirement benefit

Contribution from the Member + 11% interest + Equal Govt. Contribution

Various Committees relating to the Anganwadi Welfare Fund
Various Committees are constituted to review the functioning of the Anganwadi Welfare Fund.

District Level Review Committee
The following personals are included.

District Social Justice Officer


District Probation Officer Grade I


Programme Officer District Level ICDS cell

Member Secretary

A representative of the Director of Social Justice (an officer not below the rank of CDPO)


2 representatives of the Anganwadi Worker and Helpers in the district 


State Level Review Committee


Director of Social Justice


Chief Executive Officer

Member Secretary

A representative of the Secretary to Govt. Social Justice Department not below the rank of an under secretary


One representative from each District selected by the District level review committees


Contact Person

Chief Executive Officer
Anganwadi Workers & Helpers Welfare Fund (AW&H)
Social Justice Annexe
Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram
Ph: 0471 - 2342433(O)
Mob: 9446176426, email id -

Target Group