‘Sayamprabha Home’-Comprehensive scheme for Senior citizens

The number of elderly population in India is growing rapidly. Nowadays one of the most widespread problems faced by senior citizens is loneliness in family atmosphere. Elderly men and women who lost their partners suffer isolation at home during daytime due to lack of company when their children go to work and grandchildren go to schools.

We need to improve the protection of older person’s rights so that elderly people can fully enjoy their human rights. Senior citizens should also be brought to mainstream of the society along with others to create a better living situation. The State Government is initiating steps for setting up Community Care Centers in each block panchayat.

“Sayamprabha Home” project is a new initiative of Social Justice Department that provides Day Care facilities in co-operation with LSGD institutions. These Day care centres will provide the most required services and help on a barrier free platform to the old age people in their age of need.  These day care facilities offer an opportunity for the senior citizens to mingle with their own age group; it can also provide solace to elderly who suffer loneliness during daytime. As an initial phase 70 such Day care centres have been identified operated by LSGD institutions which will provide counseling programmes, Yoga meditation programmes to the Senior Citizens.


Persons above 60 years of age from the concerned Panchayats / Municipalities / Corporations will be benefited from this project. At least 20 beneficiaries from each Sayamprabha Homes can be provided with the services.

Key services provided through Sayamprabha Homes

  • Create opportunity for social interaction among senior citizens.

  • Provide yoga training classes.

  • The centres offer wide range of activities to keep the elderly occupied with activities designed to meet physical, emotional and social needs.

  • Engage them in activities which include physiotherapy, meditation, counseling, medical check-ups, etc.

  • To provide food atleast 2 times a day for senior citizens who suffer from malnutrition.

Target Group

Senior Citizen
Beneficiary Details