Financial Assistance to the Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious problem faced by women in Kerala. They are experiencing mental and physical suffering, not just from their husbands but also from their partners. In this context, it is essential to implement a plan for the rehabilitation and welfare of various oppressed women, including domestic violence victims. Social Justice Department has initiated this scheme for rehabilitating the domestic violence victims.

Objectives of the scheme

To provide assistance and create a safe environment for women who suffer from constant threat for survival and security due to harassment. Financial assistance is being provided for the following:- 

  • Food, Shelter, Treatment, Educational needs, etc.

  • For dependants of the victim (for eg:- Children, Parents, etc)

  • For restoration of damaged / lost property due to atrocities.

Eligibility criteria

BPL category


Rs. 25,000/- as one time assistance. (If the committee recommends, more amount can be granted subject to the prior sanction of the Govt)

How to avail

Applications received by Women Protection Officers will be submitted with enquiry report and recommendation before a committe by District Collector (Medical certificate and copy of FIR are essential). The amount will be disbursed through Women Protection Officer. 

Documents to be produced while applying

  1. BPL certificate

  2. Copy of Case Diary/ DIR/FIR

  3. A copy of Court order/ Interim order should be submitted to the respective Women Protection Officer along with duly filled Application form and supporting documents.

Target Group



GOs Financial Assistance to the Victims of Domestic Violence
GOs Financial Assistance to the Victims of Domestic Violence-Revised Govt order
Application Forms Financial Assistance to the Victims of Domestic Violence

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