Pratheeksha scheme for rehabilitation of mentally challenged persons

Aims & Objectives
Mental retardation has its various grades where appropriate interventions are required to rehabilitate them. Stigma and discrimination associated with it most often results in ignoring treatment and rehabilitation. Due to this and various other reasons a large number of Mentally Retarded persons are reaching in the streets. It is a very big challenge to every society to provide care and protect their human rights of the poor mentally challenged persons. Though they need treatment and various therapies it cannot be treated as a health issue. It is  a social issue to be addressed by Community based Rehabilitation measures. Also mentally cured person has not getting proper rehabilitation. 
At present only two Govt. care homes are functioning for the mentally challenged persons in the state under Social Justice Department. One for men at Thavanur, malappuram (Pratheeksha Bhavan) and the other for women at Thrissur (Prathyasa Bhavan). Six Ashabhvans (Thiruvananthapuram -2, Ernakulam-1, Thrissur-1, Kozhikode-2) are frunctioniong for the mentally cured persons. These homes are overcrowded with more than double of their sanctioned strength. Even though new requests for admission to these homes from police, courts and from other agencies are coming department is not able to accommodate them. Thus required additional care homes running by NGOs working in this field. Starting a new home requires a huge amount. To limit the financial burden of the govt. it is better to rehabilitate the mentally challenged persons in the existing NGO homes.  Hence a scheme for giving financial assistance to NGOs which are interested to accommodate and take care of the mentally challenged persons is needed. This project is intended to achieve this objective.

Operationalization of the scheme

Financial assistance will be provided to the credible NGOs working as Psycho-social Rehabilitation Centres & rehabilitation centres for mentally cured persons.

     EOI will be invited from the existing NGOs having expertise in the field of intellectual disabilities. A Technical Committee for evaluation of proposals will scrutinise the proposals on the basis of the following criteria and select suitable NGOs for empanelling in this scheme.

(a) Credible NGOs having approved Licence under Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016.

(b) The credible NGO is

1. An NGO having experience in running similar nature of institutions at least for a period of 3 years.

2. The NGO should have sound financial back ground.

3. The managing committee / office bearers of the NGO have good character, antecedents social status and reputation.

4. The NGO has its own infrastructure facilities such as land and building. Home should have sufficient space for free movement, recreation and various indoor and outdoor activities, vocational and various therapies. The building should be eco-friendly to the differently abled. There shall be proper accommodation, sanitary arrangements and other facilities for the inmates. There should be facilities for segregation of male and female inmates.

5. Each home shall have a diet scale and menu chart prepared by nutrition expert and the center should ensure that all nutritional food not below the rate of list prepared by nutrition expert is being served.

6. Admission is granted only with in the sanctioned strength of the institution.

7. Priority will be given to those NGOs accredited by Social Justice Department.  

Procedure for admission and discharge

(a) To the orphaned/destitute mentally challenged men/women as defined in the RPwD Act 2016 requires urgent need of care and protection.

(b) The excess inmates of Pratheeksha Bhavan, Prathyasa Bhavan & Asha Bhavan under Social Justice Department.

(c) The inmates of HMDC Kozhikode or similar institutions who are discharged after attaining 18 years.

(d) The persons are admitted to NGO homes after getting the approval from the Social Justice Department.

(e) The following documents are needed for admission.

(i) Application of Parent/Guardian/Institution Superintendent

(ii) Recommendation letter of one of the following-

  • Chief Medical officer of the hospital treating the PwD

  • District Social Justice Officer

  • Probation Officer

  • Order of Courts or Statutory Commissions

  • Order of LSG/Govt.

Details of Grant

Grant will be provided to the NGO’s on yearly basis according to the number of persons admitted and the period in the home.

Estimated amount per person

Food   (Rs.2500/- x 12)

Rs. 30,000/-

Medicine (Rs.600/- x 12)

Rs. 7,200/-


Rs. 1,500/-

Personal Hygiene

Rs. 1,000/-


Rs. 39,700/-


Additional fund will be granted for other medical needs as per the certificate of Govt. Doctor. The fund will be allotted to the institution in the ratio of 50:50. 50% amount  allotted in advance and balance amount allotted after utilizing the 80% of the this amount. Utilisation Certificate must be produced in time. 

Target Group

Differently Abled
Beneficiary Details


GOs Pratheeksha scheme for rehabilitation of mentally challenged persons