Rehabilitation of cured mentally ill prisoners

People with mental illness face stigma and marginalization in society due to widespread misconceptions relating to mental disorders. This discrimination usually persists in prison, with the person often facing still further marginalisation and isolation due to incarceration. Prisoners with mental illness have been languishing within the four walls of mental health centres even though they have completed their term of prison sentence. Some under trial prisoners may have to spend several years in jails since the trial proceedings have been halted due to their poor mental health conditions. While some cured mentally ill prisoners acquitted by the Court are forced to stay back in mental health facility since their family members are not willing to accept them.

In a bid to provide rehabilitation for such target groups, the Social Justice Department, Kerala has formulated a comprehensive project along with the support of recognized voluntary organisations. As part of the first phase of the project, 8 persons discharged from the Mental Health Centre, Peroorkada are being rehabilitated at 2 non-governmental organizations under the supervision of District Probation Officer. An amount of Rs. 39,660/- has been sanctioned annually for each person’s food, clothes, medicines, and personal hygiene.

The Social worker/ Head of Institution will also make efforts to contact the family members of such persons to ensure family reintegration. In case reintegration is not possible, such persons can continue in the institution for which the financial assistance will be given by the State Government.

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GOs Rehabilitation of cured mentally ill prisoners