Marriage assistance for legally married Transgender couples

Kerala is the first State in the country to introduce Transgender policy which is aimed at bringing transgender community, the most underprivileged in the society, to the mainstream. The Social Justice Department under Govt. of Kerala has formulated several noble initiatives for the upliftment of such marginalized groups.

It is for the first time in the country that two transgender individuals, who have undergone sex change surgery, got married under Special Marriage Act. But the welfare schemes under this Act do not cover transgender individuals who are legally married after sex change surgery. Hence the Department has introduced a new scheme which provides marriage assistance for legally married transgender couples who have underwent Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS). The amount of marriage assistance has been fixed to Rs. 30,000/-.

This scheme is intended to help the deprived transgender individuals who are planning to get married legally to lead a steady normal family life.


  • The applicants must possess Transgender Identity card.

  • The couples must apply for financial assistance after 6 months from date of marriage and not exceeding the 1 year period.

  • The duly attested copy of marriage certificate has to be submitted along with the application form.

  • Original certificate (from Ward member/Councillor) proving that the married couple are living together.

  • For receiving the aid, one of the partners should belong to the Transgender community.

  • Those who have already availed the financial assistance but opt for a second marriage after divorce won’t be eligible for further aid.

How to apply:-

The duly filled application form along with necessary supporting documents have to be submitted to the concerned District Social Justice Officer.

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GOs Marriage assistance for legally married Transgender couples
Application Forms Marriage assistance for legally married Transgender couples