Self-employment scheme for Transgenders (sewing machine)

Kerala being the first State to successfully implement Transgender policy is bound to safeguard the constitutional rights as well as the right to self-identity of transgender community. In the present scenario where the transgender community faces stigma and discrimination from society, special attention and consideration must be given to them for mainstreaming and rehabilitating them.

For building a Transgender welfare State, Social Justice Department under Government of Kerala has been implementing various welfare schemes for uplifting the TG community. For addressing the financial needs of the downtrodden Transgender community, the Department has implemented a scheme that provides self-employment for them. Through this scheme sewing machines will be distributed to the Transgenders who has undergone tailoring / embroidery training so that they can earn a livelihood of their own.


  • Applicant must possess Transgender Identity card.

  • Document of Address proof (Aadhar card, Voter’s ID card).

  • Applicant must be well versed in embroidery/tailoring work.

  • The duly filled application form along with supporting documents has to be submitted to the concerned District Social Justice Officer.

Target Group

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Application Forms Self-employment scheme for Transgenders