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Directorate of Women and Child Development

Office Type : Directorate's | Corporation :Trivandrum Corporation

In Kerala, ICDS was started in 1975, October 2nd , the 106th birth day of Mahatma Gandhi, as a pilot project in Vengara, Malappuram District. This Scheme was organized on the basis of understanding the relationship between the intellectual, emotional, Social development and the health and nutritional Substainability of the child. ICDS is a multi dimensional and a community based Convergent Scheme.

   The Scheme focuses on children in their early childhood of below 6 years and Strives to bring about their overall development focusing on the physical, psycho-social and Cognitive aspects. It believes that child will reach its full potential through integrated approaches and calls for the Care and nurturing of adolescent, Women and Children through focused, Child centered approach requiring inter-sectoral linkages and Convergence of Services.


The broad objective of the ICDS Scheme are:-

  1. To improve nutritional and health status of children in the age group of 0-6 years
  2. To lay the foundation of proper psychological, Physical, cognitive and Social development of the child.
  3. To reduce the incidence of infant mortality, morbidity, malnutrition and School drop outs.
  4. To achieve the effective co-ordination of policy and implementat

SERVICES Offered in this Office

The services provided by the ICDS through the Anganwadies include.

Supplementary Nutrition for below 6 year children, P.M,LM&AG

WHO Growth monitoring

Health check up

Nutrition and Health Education

Referral Service


Non formal pre-school education (Thematic approach)

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Office Head

Director- Women & Child Department

Our Team

Venu V S
State Project Director , ICDS

Sundari C
Joint Director

Sivanya SN
Assistant Director

Balan G
Finance Officer

Rahul A R
Junior Superintendent

Sankar B
Senior Superintendent

Chithralekha S
Programme Officer

Premna Manoj Sankar
Programme Officer

Mohammed Nazar M
Senior Superintendent

Syam Sanker S L
Senior Superintendent

Harikumar R S
Junior Superintendent

Chithra T
Junior Superintendent

Ajith Kumar T
Junior Superintendent