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PostHeaderIcon Feed back requested on Draft Gender Equality & Empowerment Policy

 blinknewDraft Gender Equality & Empowerment Policy For Govt. of Kerala (2014-2020) 

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The Department of Social Justice is preparing a Gender Equality and Empowerment Policy for Kerala.  We would like to consult as widely as possible on the draft policy and receive feedback before submitting the policy to the Government for consideration and approval.

The draft policy aims to shift from a position of “protecting” women to one of supporting gender equality. We believe it will be essential to take both women and men forward if Kerala is to move beyond the first generational gender reforms (namely those connected with human development) to one that focuses on second generation issues of economic and political equality.

This shift will continue to result in a focus on women in the medium term, but in addition, it will also mean recognising and addressing the emerging male gender issues in Kerala, such as increased alcoholism, increased propensity among men for gender-based violence, and issues about missing men at the tertiary education level.

I invite you to provide us with your invaluable comments through this webpage. Although you may provide us with feedback on any aspect of the proposed policy, our specific questions to you are as follows:

  • Are the policy objectives relevant and appropriate in your view?
  • Are all areas and aspects covered adequately?
  • How can we strengthen the gender policy?

Please do keep in mind that a policy aims to provide an overall framework within which specific sector and thematic strategies and action plans will be formulated.

I am looking forward to your valuable feedback as we work together on finalising this very important policy for the future of Kerala and for the well-being of our coming generations.


Director of Social Justice