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Women and Child Development

There can be no justice, equality or comprehensive social and economic development in societies, which deny development activities to women and child. Because women form the foundation on which a stable, prosperous and happy family is built and child is the future of the nation.

The provisions of the constitution of India granting equality to women in various spheres create the legal framework within which the Department of Women and Child Development functions for women’s development. The Government of Kerala has been continuously formulating strategies and initiating processes to bring women into the main stream.

However, in Kerala women constitute more than half of the state’s population and it is abundantly clear that there can be no development unless their needs and interests are fully taken into account.

For advancement of women and children, the ‘Social Justice Department’ formulates plans, policies and programmes, enacts/amends legislations, guides and coordinates the efforts of both governmental and non-governmental organisations working in the field of women and child development. Besides playing the nodal role, the department implements certain innovative programmes for women and children.

Vocational training centres, starting of one day homes, economic support to women headed families, development of anganwadi centres as community resource centres for pregnant and lactating mothers and overall development of women and children are provided through various schemes and programmes of the department.