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PostHeaderIcon Scheme for Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Under the Scheme for Prevention of Alcoholism and Substance (Drugs) Abuse, implemented by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, the non-governmental organisations have been entrusted with the responsibility for delivery of services and the Ministry bears substantial financial responsibility (90% of the prescribed grant amount.

The aims and objectives of the ‘Scheme for Prevention of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse are:

  • To support activities of non-governmental organisations, working in the areas of prevention of addiction and rehabilitation of addicts.
  • To create awareness and educating the people about the ill effects of alcoholism and substance abuse on the individual, the family and society at large.
  • To develop culture-specific models for the prevention of addiction and treatment and rehabilitation of addicts.
  • To evolve and provide a whole range of community based services for the identification,motivation, detoxification, counselling, after care and rehabilitation of addicts.
  • To promote community participation and public cooperation in the reduction of demand for dependence-producing substances.
  • To promote collective initiatives and self-help endeavours among individuals and groups vulnerable to addiction and considered at risk.
  • To establish appropriate linkages between voluntary agencies working in the field of addiction and government organisations.

The following legal entities are eligible for assistance under the Scheme:

  • A society registered under the Societies’ Registration Act, 1860 (XXI of 1860) or any relevant Act of the State Governments / Union Territory or under any State law relating to registration of charitable societies.
  • A registered public Trust.
  • A Company established under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956.
  • An organisation / institution fully funded or managed by Government or a local body.
  • An organisation or institution, which has been approved by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

The eligible organisations as defined above should also:

  • Have a properly constituted managing body with its powers, duties and responsibilities clearly defined and laid down in writing.
  • Have resources, facilities and experience for undertaking the programme.
  • Not be run for the financial profit of any individual or a body of individuals.
  • Have existed at least for a period of three years.
  • Be of a sound financial position.The quantum of assistance is not more than 90% of the grant amount. The balance of the approved expenditure shall have to be borne by the implementing agency out of its own resources. The Universities, Schools of Social Work and such other institutions of higher learning will be eligible for 100% reimbursement of approved expenditure.

The Scheme has the following components for financial support:

  • Awareness and Preventive Education
  • Drug Awareness and Counselling Centres
  • Treatment-cum-Rehabilitation Centres
  • Workplace Prevention Programmes
  • Deaddiction Camps
  • NGO Forum for Drug Abuse Prevention
  • Innovative Interventions to Strengthen Community Based Rehabilitation
  • Technical Exchange & Manpower Development
  • Surveys, Studies, Evaluation and Research
  • Any other activity considered suitable to meet the objectives of the Scheme.
  • For financial assistance under the Scheme, an Organisation / Institution, should apply in the prescribed proforma along with the recommendation of the State Government / UT Administration.

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