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PostHeaderIcon National Award for Best Disabled Employees and Institutions


Central Government


There are 10 awards to employees working in Govt./public/private sector and self employed handicapped persons can apply.  Awards are also given to best placement offices/agencies/institutions, best welfare institutions for handicapped, research activities for welfare of handicapped, best local level committees handicapped children and individuals who got personal achievements.


Employees in Govt./public/ private sectors, self employed handicapped, individuals doing welfare for handicapped, welfare institutions, placement agency/ offices/institutions, handicapped children and individuals who got personal achievements.


Cash Award and Citation

The awards are given to the following categories:

1)    Award to employees / self employed person with disabilities and outstanding employees/placement offices/agencies of person with disabilities.
2)    Awards to individuals and institutions having done outstanding work for the cause of the person with disabilities.
3)    Awards for the creation of barrier-free environment for the person with disabilities.
4)    Awards for the best district doing rehabilitation work for the person with disabilities.
5)    Awards for the best technological innovation for the welfare for the person with disabilities.
6)    Role model awards to persons with disabilities.
7)    Award for the best local level Committees of National Trust.
8)    Awards for the best creative adult persons and children with disabilities and
9)    Award for the best State Channelising Agency (SCA) of the National Handicapped Finance Development Corporation (NHFDC).

Eligibility criteria

Employees should be recommended by head of the offices.  The welfare institutions working for 10 years and above can apply.  For placement offices no. of handicapped employees (especially women) appointed within 5 years is considered.

How to avail

The application form is obtained from concerned District Social Justice Offices.  They must fill the form completely and submit to these offices with required details within the last date given according to Central Govt. Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment (Application form filled in English only).

During the year 2009-10 eleven applications were recommended for the National Award.