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With the concept of Welfare State in ensuring justice to the disadvantaged section of the population the “Social Justice Department” was established on 9th September 1975.

The Department initiates and implements welfare programme and services for: -

  • Women in need and distress
  • Differently abled and mentally challenged persons
  • Women and Children
  • Destitutes
  • Orphans and neglected children
  • Socially deviants
          provide social security for the:
  • Aged and infirm through a network of organisations, residential institutions and non-institutional schemes.
The Directorate of Social Justice is the main arm of the Social Justice Department. The Directorate is the State Government machinery, which acts as the nodal implementing organisation for all the programmes of the State Government as well as programmes of Central Government. The Department also ensures proper implementation of important social welfare legislation through the Directorate. Various kinds of financial assistances  to the needy in the State are also provided through the Directorate.

Above all, the department promotes flagship programmes for women and awareness generation programmes to the public through the Social Justice Directorate.

An important feature of the Social Justice Department is that all the weaker sections of the society viz. destitute, senior citizens, differently abled, mentally challenged, ex- convicts, prisoners, women, children etc. either directly or indirectly are the beneficiaries through the department.

Since its inception, the Social Justice Department holds major status of by expanding its sphere of activities and providing more facilities and welfare measures to the needy  persons of the State.