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Assistance to After Care Programmes

Social Rehabilitation of ex-convicts and offenders placed under supervision of poor economic condition is a grave social problem.  This scheme is to provide some financial assistance to them for starting some Industry, Craft or Small Trade so as to enable them to earn a livelihood.

The After Care Programme intended to rehabilitate released prisoners and probationers coming under the supervision of District Probation Officers.  By utilizing this amount they shall be engaged in small scale income generating activities.  The amount of assistance is Rs.10,000/- per head.  If the amount is insufficient for meeting the expenses this can be attached with some bank loan. The beneficiaries will be selected by the ‘After Care Association” organized for the welfare of Ex-convicts.  The application form will be available from the District Probation Officer.

Victim Rehabilitation Fund

The scheme is intended to rehabilitate the victims of serious crimes.  The scheme actually implemented in the year 2001-02 as per G.O (MS) No.33/2001/SWD Dated : TVM 24-12-01.

This is intended to help the victims of serious crimes.  In this scheme compensation shall be given to the victims for:
1.    Treatment
2.    Housing
3.    Destruction of Crops
4.    Education
5.    Income generating activities and
6.    Rape victims

The maximum amount of compensation will be Rs. 10,000/-.  Applications will be invited through advertisement in news papers.  The application forms shall be available from the District Probation Offices.

The details of the scheme during the last years is furnished below:

Year No. of  Beneficiaries

Amount Released

2008-09 9

Rs. 74,883/-

2009-10 10 Rs. 81,000/-


Scheme for the Rehabilitation of Families of Indigent Convicts

The objective of the scheme is to give financial assistance to the families of indigent convicts to start any income generating activities for their rehabilitation.  The scheme was implemented during the financial year 2002-03.  This is a bank loan linked scheme in which the governmental subsidy shall be 30% of the total project proposal approved by a bank.

The details of the scheme during the last years is furnished below:

Year No. of Benefeciaries Amount Released
2002-03 108 Rs. 10,56,400/-
2003-04 128 Rs. 11,27,000/-
2004-05 132 Rs. 12,93,500/-
2005-06 78 Rs. 7,21,000/-
2008-09 192 Rs. 19,20,000/-
2009-10 241 Rs. 10,000/-